Contact information for the benefice of St. James Church, Swimbridge

Postal address: St James's Church, Swimbridge, Nr Barnstaple, Devon EX32 0PR

Priest in charge: 

The Rev. Shaun O'Rourke, The Rectory, Liverton Drive, Swimbridge, Nr Barnstaple, Devon EX32 0PH

Tel.: 01271 830 950 mob.: 07914361905  email: (See below)

office: (See profile below)

Readers serving the benefice:

Christopher James 01271 831075
Peter Rozzell 01271 373033
David Rushworth 07828491955

If you have a concern about the safety of someone or the actions of someone working with children or vulnerable adults, please speak to someone. The name of our parish safeguarding representative is
David Rushworth
For information on Safeguarding please use this link:

Churchwarden: Matt Bluge 01271 830764

Treasurer of the Parochial Church Council:

Janet Patton 01271 831065 or 07854 388928
The Old Chapel, Swimbridge, Barnstaple EX32 0PX 

Deputy churchwarden at Chapel of the Holy Name, Gunn:

Arnold Bradbury 01271 342 715
Bryan Hawkins 01271 830 597

Churchwarden at St Michael, East Buckland

Diane Tearall 01769 579031

Churchwardens at St Paul, Landkey:

Eileen MacCaig: 01271 831020 and Hazel Price 01271 831259

Churchwarden at St Peter, West Buckland:

Pat Witheridge 01598 710512

Swimbridge C of E primary school

Visit the website of the Swimbridge C of E primary school:

Our vicar, Revd. Shaun O'Rourke,

Revd. Shaun O'Rourke

was Licensed at a well-attended evening service at St James' church, Swimbridge, on 12th June 2012. Shaun came to us from Stockport in Cheshire where he served as the vicar of St Mary's church, Reddish.

Shaun writes:

"I have always been an active Christian and have been involved in the church all my life. I had always felt drawn to something else in life and I always had a deep sense that I was being called. Thankfully, after a long period of challenging myself and building the trust in God that I had always needed, this became a reality.
I have served thankfully in inner-city environments where rectories have bars on windows and doors, to the suburbs and semi-rural parishes where life was so much different. I have always had a desire to serve in a rural setting, there is something about the sense of creation and rebirth, the following of the seasons, the love and respect of the land that I find deeply spiritual. The gifts of the land, the animals and crops that sustain us, the beauty, and even the hardship is the eternal thread of Life into which God has blessed us.
I look forward to becoming part of the communities in which I serve, my door always open, a welcome always given. Thank you each and every one of you for the opportunity to live, pray and share God's ministry."

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